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School Self-Evaluation (SSE)

What is School Self-Evaluation (SSE)?


At it's heart, SSE is about empowering schools to take a look at how they teach and how students learn. It helps schools to make small but meaningful changes to improve outcomes for learners.

Engaging with the SSE process provides us with an opportunity to critically reflect on current provision and to celebrate successes. It facilitates us to collaboratively identify areas which could be improved to benefit pupil learning experiences and outcomes.

SSE involves a six-step process:

6 Step process.JPG

School Self-Evaluation and Wellbeing:

Wellbeing education is a priority for us all and can be progressed through the SSE process. SSE can also help a school to address the wellbeing challenges that arise for staff or learners. The adoption of a multi-component, preventative, whole-school approach is most beneficial in promoting wellbeing. This involves all members of the school community collaborating to change and improve specific areas of school life that impact on wellbeing.

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Department of Education Documentation:

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