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Positive School Culture

Charter of Care

Each person is special and unique.

Each person has the right to enjoy learning in a safe and secure environment.

Bullying / Aggressive behaviour has no place here

Vulgar, offensive, sectarian and racist behaviour are totally unacceptable.

Respect, courtesy and mutual support are important.

Equality Statement

Abbey Community College is committed to creating an environment in which each person is equally treated, valued and respected across the nine grounds of equality legislation – gender, marital status, family status, sexual orientation, religion, age, disability, race and membership of ethnic minorities.

Creating and Contributing to a Positive School Culture

Abbey Community College aims to maintain a safe, positive, structured, caring environment where the spiritual, moral intellectual, physical, social, personal and aesthetic development of the school community is paramount.

The College aims to encourage and facilitate effective communication, support and respect among all members of this community.

The school community work very hard to promote a positive school culture amongst its students, staff and parents/guardians.

Our Charter of Care is displayed throughout the school and is implicitly communicated through our actions.

All members of the college community have a collective responsibility in maintaining our Charter of Care.

Through our Code of Behaviour and Positive Behaviour Programme, the school is actively committed to consistency in promoting good behaviour. The core principles of respect and responsibility underpin Abbey Community College’s approach to promoting positive behaviour and maintaining mutually respectful relationships between students and staff. We take a restorative approach to resolving conflict and preventing harm.

Our Anti-Bullying Policy and associated activities promote respectful relationships across the school community.

We pride ourselves on the support structures in place for our school community. We provide a stable and supportive environment for all students while developing core skills and competencies within supportive relationships.

A dedicated wellbeing curriculum is implemented in Abbey Community College. This aims to ensure that all students engage in important learning about wellbeing through key curriculum areas and other areas of learning.

Our student leaders and the many student-led groups raise awareness of issues and promote inclusivity amongst their peers.

Our co-curricular and extra-curricular activities enhance our students' experience in our school, develop key skills, promote positive relationships and benefit their overall wellbeing.

We are a centre for learning in the heart of community who support and encourage a positive environment for students and staff, which in turn allows students’ academic achievement to evolve.

November 2021 Department of Education Incidental Inspection - Note on school measures to prevent and tackle bullying

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