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Outdoor Learning Space

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UPDATE: We officially opened our Outdoor Learning Space / Wellbeing Garden in May 2023. The sun was shining when Michelle Jefford, Principal, Margaret Power from Abbey Road Gardens and Mary Hennigan from Dawn Meats cut the ribbon to a beautifully transformed space.

Thank you to our LCA Class of 2023 who organised the launch.

The Planning Process: 2021 - 2022

We are very excited to begin and share our plans for our school's new Outdoor Learning Space / Wellbeing Garden.

Curricular Links:

  • A whiteboard will be mounted on the wall for the Outdoor Learning aspect.
  • Students have measured the space and created a Site Layout Plan as part of LCA Mathematical Applications with Ms Connery.
  • Ms Duggan and the LCA Visual Art class have designed and begun work on the garden mural.
  • Mr Keane is beginning the planting of the space as part of LCA Agriculture & Horticulture.
  • Ms Kelly is starting a herb garden as part of LCA Hotel, Catering and Tourism
  • Mr Murtagh assisted Mikey McLawrence in Construction Studies with the Irish sign to be mounted in our space.
  • We are also incorporating the school crest to integrate our school ethos into the design.

Development Updates:

Our staff and students have been working together to measure and design the space as well as source materials. Our fabulous garden dome has already arrived and will be used in particular by LCA Horticulture and LC Agricultural Science students.


5A have a definite spring in their step thanks to the beautiful piece of artwork donated to our Wellbeing Garden. The piece tells the story 'Life is like a river, flowing in different directions'.


5A have been very busy creating the design for our garden mural. A mood board was put together for inspiration and we cannot wait to see this space come to life.


Our designs are beginning to come to life as the garden mural has begun. We are so excited to see this space transform...


Thank you to the following businesses for their kind donations to this beautiful space:

Dawn Meats; Harney Landscaping; Elwira Bernaciak Artist

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