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Our School Ethos

Our Mission

Consistent with its obligation under national legislation, Abbey Community College is to educate in a reflective way with an emphasis on the development of the whole person thereby enabling the student to participate fully in society and to live a fulfilling life.

Our Vision

Abbey Community College is a centre for learning in the heart of the community, promoting values based on the traditions, ethos and philosophy of its founding partners. The College is committed to enriching through education the lives of the people in its care and encouraging them in turn to bring life to others.

Our Aims

The College aims to maintain a safe, positive, structured, caring environment where the spiritual, moral intellectual, physical, social, personal and aesthetic development of the school community is paramount.

The College aims to encourage and facilitate effective communication, support and respect among all members of this community.

Through effective teaching and learning we aim to

  • Awaken the natural hunger for knowledge which exists in every human being
  • Challenge students to achieve full potential
  • Offer creative, varied and enriching learning experiences
  • Provide opportunities for enhancing self esteem and achievement
  • Promote moral values and social responsibility

Who are we?

Abbey Community College was established in 2000 in a spirit of partnership between Kilkenny Carlow Education Training Board (KCETB) and the Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary Sisters (RSHM). The inherited traditions, values and founding intentions of KCETB and the RSHM remain enshrined in the characteristic spirit and in the life of our school.

Abbey Community College is a Designated Community College. Designated Community Colleges are established by the signing of a model agreement between an Educational Training Board and a religious congregation. KCETB is the patron of the school. The model agreement provides for the participation of the Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary Sisters in the organisation and management of the community college on an ongoing basis.

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