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Anti-Bullying Week / Cineáltas

Through our Code of Behaviour and Positive Behaviour Programme, the school is actively committed to consistency in promoting good behaviour. The core principles of respect and responsibility underpin Abbey Community College’s approach to promoting positive behaviour and maintaining mutually respectful relationships between students and staff. We take a restorative approach to resolving conflict and preventing harm.

Our Anti-Bullying Policy and associated activities promote respectful relationships across the school community.

Anti-Bullying Week 2023

Abbey Community College fully support Anti-Bullying Week.

Pictured are our Student Council Executive with Principal Michelle Jefford with our Cineáltas Flag which we received from Minister Foley and the Department of Education. This flag acknowledges the great work that our school is already doing and will continue to do, to promote respect, kindness (Cineáltas), inclusion, diversity and wellbeing.

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It is the responsibility of our whole school community to promote respectful relationships and sustain our positive school culture. During assemblies, our school community were reminded of our Charter of Care and expectations of positive behaviour in our school.

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Anti-Bullying Be Creative Competition:

Students were invited to get involved and showcase their creative talents through writing, photography or art while to promote the theme of Respectful Relationships. Congratulations to Elizabeth, Lola and Ellie who were awarded their prizes by Ms. Jefford for their winning entries. Elizabeth submitted a fabulous photograph of her pets and their respectful bond. Lola and Ellie submitted poems on the themes of respectful relationships and discrimination. Thank you to all who entered. Another example of the amazing talents of our students

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Classes throughout the week explored the theme of Respect. A walk through our corridors and we spotted this poster made by one of our students. Our core value and wellbeing focus of RESPECT is at the heart of all we do here in Abbey Community College.

Respect is free, respect is key to life in the Abbey!

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