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Junior Cycle CBA1 Calendar 2021-2022

Please see the attached calendar of CBAs (Classroom Based Assessments) for current 2nd years.

Classroom Based Assessments (CBAs) are one part of how students' learning is assessed in the new Junior Cycle, alongside the State Examinations in June of Third Year and the variety of assessment practices that students and their teachers make use of in school over the course of the three years.

All students complete two CBAs in each subject, one in 2nd Year and one in 3rd Year. These can be referred to as 'CBA1' and 'CBA2' respectively.

CBAs are undertaken at a common level for all students.

How are CBAs assessed?

When complete, CBAs are awarded Grade Descriptors by students' subject teachers and moderated with other teachers of the same subject at a Subject Learning and Assessment Review (SLAR) meeting before deciding on a final Grade Descriptor. A student's teacher assigns a Grade Descriptor based on Features of Quality that are outlined in the subject's specification.

The Grade Descriptors are: Exceptional; Above Expectations; In Line with Expectations; Yet to Meet Expectations.

These Grade Descriptors are recorded and printed on the JCPA (Junior Cycle Profile of Achievement) certificate along with their State Examination results at the end of 3rd year.

Junior Cycle CBA1 Calendar 2021-2022

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