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Ethos Whole-School Project - KCETB Ethos Showcase 2022


In Abbey Community College, our everyday actions reflect the ethos of ETBI but our Ethos Leadership Team understood that we could further highlight this amongst our school community.

Rather than choose one of ETBI's core values, we decided to set the focus of our project on raising awareness of our own school’s ethos in line with that of ETBI. This began with a focus group of students around their understanding of the term ‘Ethos’ and ‘Ethos in Action’.

Following this, our project involved facilitating a lesson for all students in our school. Students explored the rich history of Abbey Community College furthering their understanding of the important foundations for our ethos today. Students defined the term ethos in their own words and made connections to how our ethos is evident in everyday school life. They learned about KCETB, the Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary and the influences they have on our school’s unique character.

Students, staff and our Parents Association were all invited to share their descriptions of our school – three words/phrases that describe ‘Who we are in Abbey Community College’. The answers were all collated to create our display of how our community feels about our school. These words and phrases strongly reflect the core values of ETBI along with the mission, vision and aims of our own school.

In May 2022, Abbey Community College shared our work around Ethos at KCETB's Ethos Showcase.

Reflecting on this project and acknowledging the efforts of our students, staff, parents/guardians, we are so very proud of our school community who continue to live and promote our school ethos with enthusiasm and commitment as we all work Together Towards Excellence.


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