Wellbeing at Abbey Community College

Wellbeing at Abbey Community College

The Framework for Junior Cycle (2015) provides for a new area of learning at junior cycle called Wellbeing. Wellbeing crosses the three years of junior cycle and builds on substantial work already taking place in schools in support of students’ wellbeing. This area of learning will make the school’s culture and ethos and commitment to wellbeing visible to students. It will include learning opportunities to enhance the physical, mental, emotional and social wellbeing of students. It will enable students to build life skills and develop a strong sense of connectedness to their school and to their community.

Further information can be found on the NCCA's Wellbeing page of their website: https://www.ncca.ie/en/junior-cycle/wellbeing

The Framework for Junior Cycle (2015) states that the junior cycle years are a critical time in young peoples’ lives. Students are exposed to a range of influences, including peer pressure. They require support to make positive responsible decisions relating to their health and wellbeing and the wellbeing of others. Wellbeing in junior cycle is about young people feeling confident, happy, healthy and connected. Abbey Community College endeavours to ensure that this is a reality for everyone in our school community.

The wellbeing of all is at the heart of what we do at Abbey Community College. We define Wellbeing as care of the individual in the school to ensure they are contented, healthy and successful. This is reflected in our Charter of Care and Mission Statement.

Our 'Well Boy, Well Girl' initiative takes place each morning for all students during tutor time, focussing on one of the six Wellbeing Indicators each week.

Our Junior Cycle Wellbeing programme includes Civic Social and Political Education (CSPE), Physical Education (PE), Computer Studies and Social Personal and Health Education (SPHE).

Wellbeing modules are delivered in First Year, Second Year, Third Year and in Transition Year.

First Year: Tools of Resilience; Positive Relationships; Empowering Beliefs

Second Year: Digital Literacy; Study Skills

Third Year: Physical Health & Nutrition; Friends for Life

Transition Year: Meditation and Mindfulness

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